Prevent Your Commercial Dump Trucks

The effective operation of commercial dump trucks depends toa large extent on whether preventive maintenance is set up for each vehicle and properly carried out at the appropriate intervals. Preventive maintenance is undoubtedly one of the best ways to cut costs and minimize breakdowns by trying to avoid any costly repairs, especially while on a job.

Preventive maintenance helps you protect the financial investment you have in your vehicle as Buy cvv well as allows you to keep your commitments to your customers. Your clients will not stay with you very long if you cannot keep your commitments to them and deliver your service on time.

Following is a list of preventive maintenance tips to help you keep your commercial dump trucks operational and providing service to your customers. A thorough basic inspection that is done on a regular basis will alert you to any potential problems and allow for inexpensive replacement of a part rather than complex and expensive repairs caused when a part breaks down while the vehicle is operational. This should be done on a regular basis, both before extended usage and after prolonged usage.

•Tires – Check for overall tread wear as well as tire pressure. If you have dual tires, be sure to check the inner tire as well as the outer tire.

•Fuel – This may seem a little redundant – of course you would check your fuel to make sure you have enough! Were you aware that lower quantities of fuel cause engine deterioration? Make sure to use a better quality fuel and consider a lubricant to boost the capacity.

•Wipers – You have to be able to see out the front of the cab so make sure your wipers are functional as well as not too worn to be of value.

•Coolants – This level should be maintained at a proper balance. If the level varies to any extent, you may have some leakage going on that would need to be repaired right away.

•Head lights – These are the ‘eyes’ of your commercial dump trucks andmust be working properly in both high beam and low beam. Anything else certainly needs to be taken care of before any night driving.

•Turn Signals and Brake Lights – This is similar to the head lights as they must function for not only your safety but the safety of those with whom you share the road!

•Horn – This is a vital piece of safety equipment that must be checked on a regular basis and repaired or replaced if not functioning properly.

•Air Filter – This should be changed on a regular basis to keep your engine properly performing and avoid potential engine problems. Retain the date of the last change for your records.

•Oil Change – Keeping the oil changed as recommended by the truck manufacturer is imperative and should be checked before each trip to see if you will need a change while on the road. It is much more cost-effective to do this as planned rather than have an urgent need and not be able to shop around for the best place and price.

•Hoses, especially Fuel – This is one of the items that is easily and inexpensively replaced before problems – and highly costly to repair the damage caused when one breaks while the truck is in use.

•Brake Oil – The level and quality should be checked regularly to ensure proper braking capacity and is a very important safety concern.

•Power Steering Fluid – Another safety item to ensure that the driver can properly steer the truck with ease.

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