Closer To Truth: Some More About Theology

There is an ongoing PBS TV series called “Closer to Truth” featuring interviews on all of the Big Questions surrounding a trilogy of broad topics – Cosmos; Consciousness; Meaning. The trilogy collectively deals with reality, space and time, mind and consciousness, aliens, theology and on and on and on. Here are a few more of my comments on one of the general topics covered, subjects dealing with various theological concepts.

Mystery of the Trinity?

My initial reaction after watching “Closer to Truth” interviews on the Trinity is that I’d entered the Twilight Zone of waffle, waddle, twaddle and poppycock! The only contribution these theologians and philosophers have made is yet an additional contribution to global warming. I have the impression that this is akin to penning an entire encyclopaedia over the meaning and significance of one sentence picked at random, randomly from a library full of novels. Why does this cosmically matter?

I find it quite incredible that here in the 21st Century this concept is being seriously discussed as if it had some real significance, importance or meaning. It has as much reality as that philosophical debate over angels dancing on pinheads. One may as well argue over whether there exists one, two or three different species of unicorns. They too are referenced in the Bible.

This has all of the importance of arguing about the reality and meaning behind another trinity. One may as well just discuss the trinity of Kirk the Father; Spock the Son; “Bones” McCoy the Holy Ghost.

It’s all “Through the Looking-Glass” nonsense.

Is This the End Time 1?

As noted below, Jesus himself said that the end times should have come to pass while some of those that heard his message were still alive, or within a generation. Now that means that roughly some 699,000 days have now passed without any end times incident. That’s 699,000 days where God (and Jesus) have been a no-show. That total increases by another day per day. So what’s God (and Jesus) been doing over all these hundreds of thousands of days that has taken priority over the end times? If they haven’t gotten their act together by now, what odds that they will get their act together sometime over roughly the next 2000 years? What’s that they say in the military – hurry up and wait?

Is This the End Time 2?

In mythology there are many references to the departing gods that have apparently vowed many aeons before General Douglas MacArthur to return such as Quetzalcoatl. But most relevant to most of us is THAT Second Coming, otherwise hyped as the End of Days, and boy is it ever hyped.

It would seem that every time filme evangélico 2019 there is a natural disaster (even oil spills qualify), anywhere in the world, but especially in America, right-wing Christian Fundamentalists and TV Evangelists jump for joy, do high fives and are more than happy to point out, even gleefully telling “I told you so”, and the more the destruction, the better the mayhem, the greater the death toll, the higher they jump, the happier they are
and the more they rub their hands gleefully together. Why? It’s to them yet another Sign that the End of Days are near.

Well they are both right and wrong. There will be an end of days when the Sun engulfs us and roasts us alive, making global warming seem downright frigid in comparison. A real Hell on Earth certainly should appeal to the Fundamentalist and Evangelist mobs. However, it’s that ‘near’ part that’s in error. We won’t be solar barbecued for another five billion years, give or take a hundred million or so years in either direction.

As to THAT End of Days that so many are looking forward to – and if it takes disasters to convince the faithless and bring it on, so be it – sorry to rain on your parade folks, the solar barbecue is probably going to be something only for your great, great, great (add several million more “greats” here) grand-kids to look forward to and enjoy.

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