Avoiding Injuries When Playing Football

The most common injuries in football are injuries to the head, fractured bones due to falls and collisions, groin injuries due to awkward stretching, knee and ankle sprains and strained muscles. Some injuries such as knee injuries could be career threatening. So to avoid injuries such as these players must train there body for football to enable it to cope with the physical and mental aspects of the sport.


When training and playing football, players can avoid injuries by making sure they warm up. Warming up can be done by jogging gently, by stretching to increase the movement at the joints, and by doing football drills such as passing drills. Also to avoid injuries players can warm down after each training and playing session. Warming down can be done by lightly jogging and stretching of the muscles to get rid of lactic acid build up within the joints to avoid cramp.

Avoiding injury within football is very important if you want to participate in the popular sport. Players can avoid injury by playing the game correctly, by following the referees decisions and not making any aggressive or inappropriate challenges as this can result in the challenger or there opponent being seriously injured. Players can also avoid injury by wearing the correct protection such as shin guards and the right

In football rest is very important. When a player rests it gives the body time to heal so plenty of sleep is important. When training in football players should take regular breaks after training drills to allow the body to recuperate and players should do a range of drills to improve different parts of the body so each part of the body gets a fair workout.

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